BIO Channel Glee Special DOCUMENTARY

Although Glee series has yet to end, we are still going to have a bit of a retrospective of the entire series so far. BIO Channel is getting into the Glee business. Glee: Don’t Stop Believing, is an in-depth show exploring the evolution of the Fox dramedy. Featuring interviews with co-creators and executive producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan as well as a handful of cast members (including Lea Michele and Chris Colfer), the hour long special will go behind the scenes of the musical hit and offer never-before-told stories from its conceptual beginning through the casting process.

Viewers are taken on a journey from Glee’s humble beginning as a darkly humorous film script to its unlikely explosion onto primetime. Against all odds, the TV phenomenon has successfully modernized the musical for television audiences of all ages and revolutionized the music industry. With the totally relatable characters portrait by a multi-talented cast, Glee changed television forever. BIO Channel will provide a unique look at the show’s evolution with inside accounts from cast members. This special will help to give fans a greater understanding of one of the biggest misconceptions concerning the series: that it is easy to shoot in any way.

Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides movie premiere review

Sweet booty, this has been a pirate week for me! I got to watch two versions of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides two days in a roll, one without 3D and the other in 3D, all thanks to YES 4G and Magnum 4D. I wonder if the number four in their branding has motivated them to promote this fourth installment of the Pirates franchise, or it is just a coincidence?

Before I mention if it’s worth to fork out the extra money from your pocket to catch Captain Jack Sparrow in full 3D glory, let me get on with the gist of the story first. After the end of the trilogy, the story of Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner too has ended. So this film focuses solely on the adventure of Jack Sparrow.

The plot of the movie is basically about a race to find the Fountain of Youth between the Spaniards, the British led by Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), and Blackbeard (Ian McShane) who forces Jack to help him along. Along the way, there are various attempts to escape from jail and soldiers, tapping deadly mermaids, and the sizzle between Jack and Angelica (Penelope Cruz).

Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow with his usual panache, but the character is getting a little worn out. However, he still delivers his lines spot on, taking advantange of the occasional clever writing. As the budget for this film has been reduced, there are not many CG scenes to look forward to and there is no feature of Black Pearl ship sailing and no firing of canonballs at all.

Make no mistake, PotC4 is still watchable, but fans shouldn’t set their expectations too high. Now comes the part whether to watch in 3D or not. My answer is save your money as the 3D effect is not obvious enough to warrant the extra money due to many dark scenes. Without 3D glasses on, the dark scenes are better appreciated.

By the way, there’s a short scene of about 10 seconds after the credits end, but there’s nothing to shout about. It doesn’t give you any insight of what might be the adventure for Jack in PotC5. This movie is rated 3 stars.